Interim Senior Executives Solving Your Significant Business Challenges

For more than a decade, SMB's Interim Executives have worked with a wide range of companies to help them move through periods of significant change, including: filling CEO or other senior operational vacancies; operational, behind the scenes, mentorship for maturing CEO's; independent strategy reviews; foreign sourcing or expanding into unfamiliar markets; or a myriad of other operational challenges and opportunities. Our ability to turn leadership challenges into sustainable value is unmatched by our world-class portfolio of C-suite executives who are on call to provide a time-based, cost bounded solution matched to specific client needs.

Look to SMB to solve your transitional operating challenge. Recent case studies include:

CEO Achieves Results for Private Equity Investors

Despite more than 50 industry accolades, a burgeoning Internet company struggled as it continued to burn through funding. SMB analyzed the situation and brought in a CEO who had turned around nearly a dozen companies. Results happened quickly. From refocusing the product from a one-size-fits-all commodity to a custom model and establishing a new sales strategy, our SMB CEO was able to re-energize the Board, negotiate new critical partnerships and raise more than $9.5 million in new funding.

CEO Melds Acquisitions Into New Stand Alone Company

A Fortune 50 company started a new auto parts venture via a number of acquisitions, but lacked the in-house management expertise to lead and unify the new business. SMB delivered a seasoned manager from a related field that understood the markets in which this business operates to act as the interim CEO. Mentoring high-potential members of the immediate staff to prepare them for more responsible roles in the near future was a major part of SMB's responsibility.

The Right Team is Key to Implementing Growth Strategy

A diversified telecommunications, real estate and transportation concern, turned to us to find a management team to address its troubled telecommunications subsidiary. In a matter of days, we identified an experienced CEO and CFO to refocus the business, reduce capital spending and operating losses, enabling renewed focus on regional top-line growth.

CEO Provides Turnaround Leadership to Mainland China Company

The US parent of a medical products manufacturing plant needed new leadership to correct urgent process, quality, and pricing problems. In a matter of weeks, we identified an interim executive with the right experience and skills to manage the turnaround.

Family-Owned Business Appoints New Internal CEO

A fast-growing West Coast business services firm appoints an insider with maturing leadership skills as CEO. We coupled the CEO with a 'behind the curtain' advisor, with vast leadership experience in this service sector, to provide counsel and guidance so as to avoid the typical 'trial and error' process.

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