Why Clients Choose SMB

We provide interim C-Suite executives (interim CEO's and interim CFO's) to solve business challenges or assist with market opportunities for US and international businesses.

Consider the SMB Solution when:

  • Rapid change is needed and delay will cause severe consequences
  • A qualified executive within the company is unavailable or better situated elsewhere
  • There is insufficient time to complete a search
  • Significant transition issues must be addressed before a permanent solution can be pursued
  • The job specification is unstable and not well-defined
  • There is no job at the end of the assignment
  • The company needs an honest, objective player free from politics and with no self-interest
  • A need exists to define/implement a merger or manage post-acquisition integration
  • A sudden resignation has left a crucial gap
  • A need exists to augment the management team for:
    • A start-up of a new market/product
    • An asset or business disposition
  • A need exists for a local executive to handle a foreign subsidiary
  • A cash flow infusion needs to be achieved by leveraging the balance sheet
  • A liquidation is eminent requiring professional oversight to maximize returns

How We Work: SMB's Role


The SMB Managing Partner

  • Provides objectivity to both the Team and Client
  • Helps Team maintain independence and balance between managing the status quo and leading change
  • Helps the Client articulate his vision and translate it in terms of specific measurable objectives and paths for the project at hand
  • Helps the Client identify and establish conditions for a successful change process
  • Helps Client and Team orchestrate different initiatives and resources

What Makes SMB's Approach Unique?

We don't just place Interim Executives, we identify solutions to corporate problems, implement the change and complete the project at hand. Our approach differs from temporary staffing, executive search firms and consultants in the following ways:

Temporary Staffing Executive Search Consultants
Mission Provide CV's Provide Candidates Make Recommendations Analyze and Solve Problems
Implement Change
Role Agency Agency Adviser Operating Partner
Methodology Access large data base Direct Contact Search Research Structured Approach Forum
Research and Hands On Experience
Core Competencies Managing large data base Managing a network of candidates Analytical Skills Operational Experience
Change Expertise
Change Management
Accountability Low
Providing CV's with requested skills
Providing Candidates with requested skills
Value added recommendations
Responsible for Results / Outcome
Bottom Line Temporary hire on board Permanent hire on board Recommendations to be implemented Problems Solved
Changes Implemented
Project Completed

Interim Executive Focus Areas

Manufacturing 30%
Consumer Products 20%
Business Services 15%
Technology 10%
Financial Services 5%
Healthcare 15%
Logistics 5%
Operations 45%
Sales/Marketing 20%
Technology 15%
Finance 10%
Human Resources 10%

Assignment Examples

  • Interim President, Medical Technology Company – Global Triage
  • Interim CEO, Fortune 50 Auto Parts Division – Melding the parts into one company
  • Interim CEO and Interim CFO, Telecommunications company – Refocus business on a new strategy
  • Interim General Manager, Multimedia Company – Integrate acquisition and business relaunch
  • Interim CEO, eLearning and training company – Develop and implement a new business model
  • Interim CEO, Retailer, women's apparel company – Liquidate US outlets and convert to wholesale
  • Interim General Manager, OEM Auto Parts Company – Improve quality, performance and customer relations
  • Interim General Manager, Leisure goods Company – bankruptcy workout and prep for sale
  • Interim CFO, Medical lasers company – improve operations and profitability
  • Interim Controller, MNC in Chapter 11– Update procedures and reporting systems
  • Interim General Manager Internet content/rights management company – Reduce cost and integrate with core business
  • Interim Chief Marketing Officer, Art Auction company – Conduct world class auction and restructure the business
  • Interim General Manager, Computer Systems Research Lab – Build management processes to support growth
  • Interim CEO, Interim CFO, General Counsel, Specialty Pharmaceuticals – Rescue from Sarbanes-Oxley and SEC non-compliance
  • Interim CEO, Consumer Durables – Reduce manufacturing costs and build brand awareness
  • Interim CEO and Interim CFO, High-Tech Holding company – Replaced entire corporate staff and overhauled portfolio management
  • Interim General Manager and Logistics Director, OEM Auto Parts Company – Profit improvement
  • Interim CIO, Mutual Fund – Establish and implement a new IT strategy