Operational Consulting & Special Projects: SMB delivers Results

Businesses often run into situations where a tough problem or a real opportunity surfaces and time is of the essence. Applying the right talent quickly is imperative. Often the necessary internal resources are either simply not available or involved in other critical areas of the business. When you have this situation, SMB has the solution and will deliver the required results. We match one or more of our Interim Executives to your specific needs. They have experienced and conquered your problem/opportunity.

SMB will work with you on analysis, planning, execution, and training your internal team to ensure a systemic successful outcome.

We solve challenging business problems that are:

  • Critical: significant to maintaining or growing shareholder value
  • Urgent: delay will cause long-term damage or a real lost opportunity.
  • Non-recurring: a one-time event that needs attention now and once addressed will disappear or be absorbed as a systemic part of your business.
  • Time bounded: a deliverable can easily be defined and the time to solution is apparent.
  • Not internally supported: internal resources are risky due to lack of specific experience or committed to other critical areas of the business.

The SMB solution achieves results and reduces risk:

  • Resources are matched to your specific situation and the right talent is applied to ensure all important ‘speed to solution’
  • Project deliverables, scope, milestones, and completion date are jointly agreed.
  • Pricing is tailored to your needs and can be fixed, variable, or incentive based.
  • Significant shareholder value is created compared to the alternatives of using inexperienced internal resources or typical consulting firms.
  • Problems are solved in a collaborative and inclusive manner
  • Your internal team is trained to ensure a smooth transition

Areas of specialization:

  • Business Process Improvement, Re-engineering, Quality, Lean Manufacturing
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Performance Improvement
  • Contract Management
  • Facilities and Security
  • Out-sourcing and contract manufacturing
  • Strategy development
  • Change management
  • Financial/balance sheet restructuring
  • M&A: strategy, analysis, integration
  • New product or market penetration

When clients use SMB:

  • For our Private Equity Clients: we bring in senior executives with deep domain expertise to assist in:
    • Analysis of a new sector focus
    • Analysis of a potential target as a platform or add-on company
    • Acquisition due diligence
    • Placing advisory board members with both domain expertise and sector network connections
  • For our small to medium sized business clients, we work with you to resolve any critical, time sensitive problem or opportunity where internal resources are insufficient to ensure a quality timely outcome. Examples include:
    • Entry into a new (foreign) geographic market.
    • Entry into a new product market
    • Sourcing or contract manufacturing
    • Acquisition analysis, negotiation, or due diligence
    • Execution of post merger integration
    • Development or assessment of business strategy
    • Mentoring operational leadership through any type of transition challenge
    • Managing in a turn-around or crisis situation